il ne faut jamais commencer à mourir

ex nihilo





In his Ex Nihilo serie, Benoît Vollmer captures the atmosphere of low season ski resorts.
During the 1970s, building such resorts in these mountain ranges represented an amazing challenge. Benoît Vollmer’s vision of these residential complexes interrogates the notion of heritage that exceeds the ideas of achievement or failure. The shots of the surrounding environment put those bold experiences back in their context.

Here, the artistic choice was to create a serie during the low season, a time when a certain strange atmosphere pervades those places. Places not yet covered in snow, seemingly forsaken. Once they’ve lost their functions, they start existing for themselves. To show this phenomenon is to show what goes on living at the margins of unreality when we’re not there to see it, This set of images that could be seen as purely documentary stages a ghost town simulacrum. We could also view it as a mere model reminiscent of the original meaning of utopia, a place that does not exist and invites various forms of imaginations.