il ne faut jamais commencer à mourir

ex nihilo





Liminaire presents a set of unique prints that question the notion of aura in photography.

A sheet of ilfochrome paper is directly inserted into a large format camera and exposed to light, without the prior use of film. Shooting is at once slow and tricky.
The resulting reversed image combined with an extremely glossy surface may echo the old daguerréotypes. The smaller pieces – 20 x 25 cm – tend to distinguish themselves from the large format dogma.
Liminaire is a mixed hierarchy-free collection broaching various genres and subjects in a small format that suppresses any kind of authority. Whereas each image can be appreciated in its own right, it’s the layout that defines the general meaning : taking out one single image would disrupt the balance of the whole serie forcing the viewer to reconsider the layout.
It seems that the events recounted here are meant to live on outside their own frames, in some other time and place. There could be many shots made before and after each one of these. They would be nothing like stills but fragments of duration or slow snapshots.